Fitness for Parents

Active, Healthy and Happy Fitness Classes for Parents

Supported by Northern Gold Coast Communities for Children

Our lives are so busy as parents! If we can fit in some exercise with friends and neighbours though, our energy levels and  feelings of wellbeing and happiness can really improve. Here at the Youth and Community Centre we offer some great fitness and yoga classes for busy parents, especially mums.



Wings HIIT Fitness (High Intensity Interval Training with a mix of great fitness activities)

9.30am – 10.15am     $5

Kellie – 0411 425 572

Adrian’s Yoga- 0435 889 032
6 pm- 7.30 pm
Cost: $10


HIIT Circuit (High Intensity Interval Training with Circuit activities for strength, toning and weight loss)
9.30 am-10.15 am
Cost: 5$

Sally- 0412 682 008


Box HIIT – (High Intensity Interval Training in a hectic and fun boxing session)
9.30am – 10.15am
Cost: $5

Sally- 0412 682 008

“Heart Yoga”- heart- yoga practice with mindfulness & meditation
10.30 am – 11.45am

Sally- 0412 682 008


Adrian’s Yoga (intermediate and upwards)

6 pm- 7.30 pm

Adrian – 0432 889 032


Adrian’s Yoga  “Come and try”
11.00 am – 12.15 pm

Adrian 0435 889 032


Class descriptions

HIIT Circuit– High Intensity Interval Training within a circuit session to improve functional fitness, core strength, muscle tone, posture and cardio fitness – for a great body shape and a clear mind. Fat burning, toning and fun. Great for busy parents. Tuesdays 9.30am with Sally.

Box HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training using boxing as one of the main ways to burn fat and increase fitness. Hectic and fun; Great for busy parents. Wednesdays 9.30am with Sally.

Heart Yoga – A shared practice of yoga postures, mindfulness, conscious breathing and meditation that nourishes a peaceful, healthy body, mind, heart and spirit. Men and women of all ages are welcome. Wednesdays 10.30am with Sally.

Wings Get Fit Training – Circuit, High intensity training, Boxing, Battle Ropes, and Running. Thursdays 9.30am with Kellie.

Adrian’s Yoga – Active stretching and guided relaxation; equipment provided. Mondays 6pm; Thursdays 6pm; Saturdays 11am with Adrian.


Our instructors

Sally MacKinnon – Hi everyone, I’ve been teaching fitness and yoga classes at the Youth and Community Centre since 2013 and I love it! Love the people, love the centre, love the community and love the classes. I tend to focus on great posture and technique within high intensity impact training for circuit and boxing – if our posture is strong and correct we will get great benefits. I’ve loved running, training and yoga all my life and I’m also a passionate surfer (I learned when I turned 46 years old and became a surf coach at the age of 50…it’s never too late!)








Kellie Scott-Hudson – Hi my name is Kellie. I was once 109kg and am now 75kg. I started training to better my health and discovered with hard work and determination it is possible to lead an active and healthier life. I am a mother of two beautiful children. I became a Personal Trainer because I wanted to be the best role model to my children and in turn I fell in love with the fitness industry. My passion is High Intensity Training. I am a member of F45 and Cross Fit and am studying to become a ZUU and Ankor trainer. Yes I have a lot more to learn and I hope to be able to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals. I look forward to training with you.