Vision, Mission And Objectives

Vision Statement

A vibrant Community and Youth Centre that provides inclusive, innovative and sustainable programs and services improving individual and community physical, mental and emotional health and well being.

Mission Statement

To work in partnership with the community, business and government, to strive for excellence in meeting the needs of the ‘Total Person’, body, mind and spirit, through the provision of supportive, recreational, cultural, sporting and welfare programs. The Centre will provide a safe, caring and supportive environment for inclusive access to community members whilst promoting cross cultural understanding.


  • To provide support, care and counselling.
  • To afford the opportunity for personal development through the provision of programs that enhance life skills, self-image and vocational motivation.
  • An inclusive environment encouraging participation from all ethnic groups & fostering
  • To assist in any way possible the welfare of the wider community.
  • To provide a preventative and early intervention approach.
  • Provide facilities and programs to meet the needs of our future generations as well as bridging the gap and maintaining the balance of Intergenerational Equity.
  • Support people through life transitions.
  • Develop better integrated and coordinated services.
  • Build community capacity.
  • Making the investment count (creating tangible current & future social benefits).
  • Develop local solutions to local problems.
  • To provide an opportunity for social interaction.
  • To promote cross cultural understanding.